northfield pantryDid you know that the pantry is currently serving over 550 households in need? It probably seems surprising to know that there is hunger here in the “north shore,” but in truth, hunger knows no boundaries. Your gifts to the Northfield Township Pantry have helped make a difference in the lives of our neighbors who are struggling to make their ends meet.

Did you know that during the summer, need actually goes up rather than down? Families that rely on food pantries are often families that rely on school lunch and breakfast programs as well. During the summer, these services are no longer available, making hunger an even greater problem for families with young children.

Did you know that you can drop off non-perishable food goods at the church? There is a basket in the narthex area just outside of the chapel labeled “Northfield Township Food Pantry” in which you can leave your food goods. Our NCC neighbors will deliver any food left at the church to the pantry so it can be distributed.

Did you know that the pantry can stretch your dollar even further? Thanks to their partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the Northfield Township Food Pantry can maximize the value of your gifts by buying in greater quantity at deeper discount, so your monetary gifts are important, too. You can designate a gift alongside your regular church offerings, and we will see that it is passed along to the pantry.

Your support makes a difference! Even a simple can of soup goes a long way for a family in need. No matter the size or amount of the gift, you generosity makes a difference. You can find out more about the work of the pantry our their current needs by visiting their website:

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